Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following general terms and conditions apply to all business transactions. The general terms and conditions are agreed to if an order is placed 

Delivery costs and delivery conditions
Deliveries only to addresses in Switzerland.
Take advantage of free prepaid deliveries from a net value of CHF 110.00 

Goods value                 Shipping costs

from  CHF 110.00            Free of charge
from  CHF   85.00            CHF   6.50
from  CHF   65.00            CHF   8.20
from  CHF   35.00            CHF   9.50
For shipping  value of goods  under CHF 35.00 the standard delivery costs CHF 12.00 

Office hours
Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm and from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

Customer service
Our employees are available by telephone during office hours on 0848 425 425 for questions, support and orders.

24 hours, 365 days a year
You can reach our support team around the clock via . Your orders or inquiries will be processed with priority on the following working day.

New customers / first orders
First orders on account for new customers are delivered on prepayment 
In order to minimize our risk of bad debt losses for orders on account. We use credit rating systems for our evaluation.
When ordering on account, you will receive an online payment link with all the information you need to pay your order/invoice.   

The prices of the online shop are inclusive of VAT, shipping and packaging costs are shown separately. The prices are subject to change and can be changed at any time. The prices charged are those valid on the day of the order. Prices in CHF.

Fresh cut / billing by actual weight

Products such as meat, vegetables, cheese, fish, etc... which are declared by weight (100 grams = CHF 7.00) are billed according to the actual weight delivered.


You order a product with the information 100g / CHF 7.00 / 100g. 
Declaration on the product detail and overview = 7.00 / 100g

- Order 10 pieces of 100g = 1KG (1000g) 
Cart - finalize order on account /or pay with TWINT / CC card.
You will receive an order confirmation in your account that has not yet been billed internally.
For card payments or TWINT, the amount will be shown with a reservation 

You order 1000g of the product, freshly cut, 10 pieces of 100g each as you are used to at the counter. Depending on the preparation, there is plus or minus weight per piece. The total can be 1100g (plus 100g) or 980g (minus 20g). So that you do not pay too much or the supplier delivers too much, the system will do justice to the information; complete the calculation on your order. For 1100g, the system will charge 1100g x CHF 7.00 per 100g = CHF 77.00, pure material costs. For 980g, the system will charge 980g x CHF 7.00 per 100g = CHF 68.60. So you pay for what is delivered to you.


Payment terms
The following payment methods are available in our store: Master Card, VISA, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, PostFinance, Postcard, Sofort Überweisung, Twint and on account.

You will receive an invoice by e-mail immediately after placing your order. The invoice amount shown on it is due and payable immediately. The order will only be processed upon receipt of the full invoice amount.

Cash on delivery
If you select the cash on delivery payment method, an additional CHF 50.00 will be charged for transportation with our transport service providers.

You pay the invoice amount via the online provider Paypal. You must always be registered there or register first, legitimize with your access data and confirm the payment order to us. You will receive further instructions during the ordering process.
Payments must be made in Swiss francs (CHF). The day on which Italian Coffee AG can dispose of the amount is decisive for the receipt of payment. The purchaser waives the right to offset any claims against Italian Coffee AG against the purchase price.

Default in payment
If the purchaser exceeds a payment deadline, the purchaser shall be in default without prior reminder and Italian Coffee AG shall be entitled to charge him additional default interest of at least 6% of the amount owed. Italian Coffee AG reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the buyer is in default of payment.

Discount levels
On the account you have created or when placing a guest order on the platform, we will display the direct discount on the individual products as well as the graduated price.


Voucher variants:
There are different variants of vouchers.

Disposal of the goods is not included in the price. No recycling fee is charged at the time of purchase; this is due in the event of any disposal by Italian Coffee AG and will be charged to the buyer based on the actual costs in addition to the handling costs.

Order and offers
The buyer commits himself to Italian Coffee AG with his order. The order is placed verbally or in writing. Italian Coffee AG shall not be bound until it has confirmed in writing that the order will be executed. Cancellation by the supplier of Italian Coffee AG and cases of force majeure remain reserved.
The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the order as well as for ensuring that Italian Coffee AG receives all information regarding the ordered product(s) within seven days of receipt of the order. A revocation of the contract by the purchaser is only possible as long as Italian Coffee AG or its suppliers have not yet carried out any production actions with regard to the ordered goods; Italian Coffee AG is to be indemnified for all damages / costs arising from this. If the goods are manufactured or otherwise processed by Italian Coffee AG and the purchaser has submitted a specification for this purpose, the purchaser shall indemnify and hold Italian Coffee AG harmless against any loss, damage, claim, costs or other expenses if the contractual manufacture, processing or processing of the goods proves or has proved to be a breach of a patent, copyright, trademark or other industrial property right of a third party on the basis of this specification of the purchaser. Irrespective of this, Italian Coffee AG reserves the right to modify the descriptions of our goods with regard to the buyer's specifications insofar as legal requirements are to be taken into account and insofar as this modification does not result in a deterioration of the order in terms of quality and usability.
The offers of Italian Coffee AG are subject to change and non-binding and only become binding upon written confirmation after the aforementioned provisions of these GTCs have been stated.

Italian Coffee AG is entitled to change and improve the goods without having to inform the buyer in advance, provided that the change or improvement does not permanently impair or deteriorate the form or function of the goods.

Delivery period
Italian Coffee AG endeavors to meet stated delivery periods; however, Italian Coffee AG cannot assume any liability. Cases of force majeure are not the responsibility of Italian Coffee AG and entitle it to extend any agreed delivery periods. The delivery periods are automatically extended by the duration of the delay. Cases of force majeure include in particular, but are not limited to, a plant shutdown/breakdown not caused by us, strikes or orders by state authorities. In the event of delay, the buyer is obliged to grant a reasonable grace period. Claims for damages arising from delays in delivery are excluded.

Dispatch and assembly (coffee machines)
Italian Coffee AG delivers ex warehouse at the buyer's expense to the specified address or to the valley station. The place of unloading is considered to be at ground level, e.g. goods receiving area, ramp, warehouse, workshop. Transportation / assembly within the building shall be at the buyer's expense. For special transports, the buyer must provide assistants, lifts or cranes at his own expense. The assembly site must be prepared accordingly. If goods have to be moved, the additional costs shall be borne by the buyer. Partial deliveries are permitted. Changes after receipt of the order will be invoiced to the buyer additionally.
The goods travel at the risk of the recipient. In the case of delivery by truck, the driver must be notified of any transport damage immediately upon arrival of the goods. The damage must be noted on the duplicate delivery note. The LSVA shall be borne by the buyer. In the case of rail or postal transportation, the recipient undertakes to obtain a statement of facts from the transport company for any transport damage. 
If the buyer is in default of acceptance, Italian Coffee AG is entitled to arrange for the goods to be stored at the risk and expense of the buyer.
If assembly and commissioning cannot be completed in one stage for reasons for which Italian Coffee AG is not responsible, the additional costs shall be borne by the buyer.

Warranty and repair service
We will be happy to arrange an external repair service for you in the event of problems with our machines. During the normal warranty period and under the usual warranty conditions, we will cover the costs of any repairs due to material or manufacturing defects at our official service centers. An extensive stock of spare parts is available.

Retention of title
All objects of purchase remain the property of Italian Coffee AG until full payment has been made.

Warranty and exclusion of liability
The statutory warranty obligation of Italian Coffee AG for defects is hereby excluded. In its place, the buyer is entitled to free rectification if he notifies Italian Coffee AG of the defect during the agreed warranty period. The warranty period begins on the day of delivery. In the event of a recognized defect, Italian Coffee AG reserves the right to remedy the defect by repair or to make a replacement delivery against return of the goods; further claims of the purchaser against Italian Coffee AG remain reserved in the event that a repair is not successful even on the second attempt. Italian Coffee AG reserves the right to replace parts of the purchased item instead of repairing it. Replaced parts become the property of Italian Coffee AG. The warranty for the goods of Italian Coffee AG does not cover product defects caused by incorrect installation or use, misuse, negligence or other reasons on the part of the purchaser or third parties. In addition, no warranty is given for faults or damage to our goods, which have arisen in particular but not exclusively for the following reasons:

The warranty period is not changed by the repair, but continues without interruption. For newly installed parts, the remaining warranty period of the replaced parts shall apply. The buyer is not entitled to compensation for any direct or indirect damage (e.g. loss of profit, damage to goods, loss of production, etc.) caused by the defect in the object of purchase.
The buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately upon receipt for completeness, correctness and other freedom from defects and to address any complaints in writing to Italian Coffee AG within 2 days of receipt, otherwise the corresponding warranty rights shall lapse.
This exclusion of liability applies both to contractual claims and, to the extent permitted by law, to non-contractual claims.

Applicable law
Swiss law is applicable.

The place of jurisdiction is the Commercial Court of Zurich