Serving set Accessori - KIT 150
Serving set Accessori - KIT 150

Serving set Accessori - KIT 150



Original KIT accessories with 150 cups / sugar / stirrers
Ideal for: Offices, construction sites or at home

Everything included what you need for a good espresso.
The Caffè Borbone serving set contains:

  • 150 disposable espresso cups
  • 150 sugar sachets of 5.5 grams
  • 150 stirrers


Product Information "Caffè Borbone Serving Set 150"

The serving set contains everything you need for a good espresso and is the perfect complement to your Caffè Borbone.

The special patented Caffè Borbone cup is designed to enhance coffee aromas. Its particular shape creates the so-called megaphone effect and is thus able to maximize the aroma of the coffee, thanks to a narrow fund designed to lift the cream and then enlarged like a megaphone at the top.  Due to the two clearly visible lines on the cup, you can dose your espresso according to your preferences. If you prefer a strong ristretto, stop at the first line (20cc) - but if you prefer a classic lungo, you should venture to the second line (40cc).

Note: The colors of the cups may differ from those shown in the picture.