SHB Lime Clean 1000ml
SHB Lime Clean 1000ml

SHB Lime Clean 1000ml



SHB Descaler Concentrate with Additives | 1000 ml | Cleaning

- 1 liter bottle of concentrate
- 100 ml to 1 liter of water
- up to 10 decalcifications
- with color indicator

For espresso and fully automatic coffee machines, coffee machines, portafilter, capsule, pad machines (up to 10 descaling) coffee machine descaler also for kettle bath etc.

Only 100 ml of concentrate to 1 l of water !!!
This is a special descaler for high-quality fully automatic coffee machines, espresso coffee and industrial machines. Fast descaling due to a maximum proportion of high-quality amidosulfonic acid. High-quality additives - inhibitors - protect the materials from corrosion and reduce the build-up of lime. Color indicators allow the descaling process to be visually identified.